I heard Brett Banfe on the Radio today... He is an 18 year old from New Jersey. He is going to be a Freshman @ William Patterson University... He Thinks he can go an Entire year without Talking!! That is so unreal!! I hope he does it! I am standing behind him 100% I even think when he starts to not talk I will try and not talk with him! I don't know anymore info on him or his progress. I know that on September 1st of this year he will begin not talking.

Do You think you could go an entire year without talking? I think I could go about 2 days without talking. Imagine all the people that may not talk on September 1st with Brett. That would be so cool to have an entire class room of students not talk... what if you get a phone call... Do you just press the buttons on it?

For more updated Information on Brett Banfe I would check out his website...

The Official Brett Banfe Website:

I also heard that there will be Make Brett Banfe Talk websites up soon!! I will let you know about those too!!

Please Email All of your friends and let them know about Brett
and make your friends shut up with him for a while!!

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